Tank Float Therapy + Massage Therapy

 If you have never heard of Tank Float Therapy, please visit my blog - TheNaturalGuineaPig.com to watch the videos I have made all about it. This therapy is something I recently discovered, and it has changed my life. I want all of my clients to experience how amazing you can feel once you begin floating. Your body feels restored, muscles hydrated and relaxed.. it is incredible. I am happy to offer this incredible discount for first time floaters. Purchase an E Gift Card for only $160 (a $200 value), and you will receive a 90 minute massage @ ttTHERAPY and a 90 minute float session @ Halcyon Floats (209 West Girard). After your purchase, you may email matt@tttherapy.com to schedule your sessions! They do not have to be scheduled on the same day. 

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