Strong Network = Healthier You

My Support System


 Here, you will find links to other holistic professionals and as well as companies that I personally turn to for information and support / guidance and products. 

It is my hope that  you will feel comfortable to share your own support systems and this area will blossom into a helpful resource for many people.  By doing so, we can all benefit!

Professionals I Turn To

Dr. Josh Axe


Dr. Axe has impacted my life in many ways. I have been taking his  supplements for years. I am grateful for all that I learned as a part of his NUTRITIONAL LEADERSHIP PROGRAM, and for my continued desire to learn because his passion is infectious. He doesn’t do it for accolades or prestige, but because pure passion has to be shared. Dr Axe, you are an amazing role model and thank you for the work you do.

Kristin Noblette


Kristin Noblette -Owner of, and a professional bodybuilder with several titles – Kristin is most famous, in my mind, for teaching me the basics of nutrition. She has a gift for taking the fear out of discussing food. her passion is infectious, her methods are proven and i can never thank her enough for making a permanent change in my life.

Dr. Jordan Rubin


Dr Rubin was the first Homeopathic doctor I chose to follow when I was a teenager.  His personal story was so amazing and it peaked a curiosity in me. Diagnosed in his teens with an aggressive case of Crohn's Disease, resulting in multiple surgeries to remove his intestines, until Doctors gave up and sent him home to die- he and his family traveled the world trying 70 alternative treatments.  He eventually cured himself through diet and started a supplement line, He has gone on to do many great things and I have so much respect for Dr Rubin.

Dr. Mercola


Dr Mercola – He is a standard when it comes to nutritional information. I refer to his site and his supplements are always trusted and reliable. He funds his own website so that his information is not tainted by advertisers or the interests of other corporations. Most of his products can also be found on Amazon.

Expand Your Local Network

Local Businesses

Wolfson Wellness


Located at 254 South 11th Street, Wolfson Wellness Family Chiropractic is one of only a few Chiropractors I can confidently recommend. Dr Matt’s passion for wellness is contagious. Anyone looking for a Chiropractor in Center City should stop in for a visit!

Thomas Simek, Artist


Thomas is an excellent artist, and friend. His natural talent is matched only by his kindness and passion for life. Thomas works with Chalk Pastels, Oils and Watercolors. His works have included Still Lifes, Scenes, Pets, and Portraits. Commission work greatly appreciated. He often creates simply by looking at a photograph. To contact Thomas, reach out by phone or text (302-528-3715) or email (