ttTHERAPY Policies

Please Read these Thoroughly


*A day, when referred to, means one business day. ttTHERAPY Business days are Monday - Saturday. Please keep this in mind for scheduling and cancellation policies

– Please book your session at least three days ahead of time.
– Please make it clear that you are booking a discounted massage; you might check the wrong box when scheduling your session, but that won’t be the end of the world. If you please always add a notation to your booking then it will help me out. We will both be on the same page, and all will be well.

TIMING:Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled massage time.  Arriving earlier may be cutting into another client’s session, which isn’t very nice and I am sure you would appreciate the same respect from others.
LATE ARRIVALS:I want to offer all of my clients the full time that they have booked.  However, when clients arrive late for a massage, adjustments must be made.  Please contact me by phone or email if you know you will be arriving late.  Also, understand that I have other clients booked throughout the day.  Therefore, I must finish each massage session as scheduled, to allow time to prepare for other sessions.
NO SHOW CLIENTS:If a client does not contact me prior to their session to alert me of the fact that they are running late, I will have to assume that the client is not going to arrive for their session.  At 15 minutes past the scheduled massage start time, I reserve the right to shut down the studio and/or schedule other clients in the remaining time.PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU KNOW YOU WILL BE LATE FOR YOUR SESSION.

ETHICS / DRAPING POLICIES:Basic draping is required for all massage sessions.  For a full list of the code of ethics I abide by, please visit

CANCELLATIONS:Clients who do not arrive for a scheduled session, and have given no notice, will be charged the full price of the massage and will be asked to pay in advance when scheduling in the future.  I ask that all clients give at least 24 hours notice when canceling / rescheduling a massage.  Any client who cancels a massage less than 24 hours prior to their scheduled time slot will be asked to pay for the session.I do not charge my clients when cancelation is necessary due to illness, family emergencies or extenuating circumstances that are beyond their control.  Please do me the courtesy of giving 12 hours notice when canceling. Beyond 12 hours, I may charge up to 75% of the service price.  Work conflicts may arise at the last minute, but cannot be considered an emergency. If you do feel ill, listen to your body. It is alway honest with us; but sometimes we convince ourselves that our body is wrong. When you feel sick, chances are, you ARE.*It means a great deal to me if you DO cancel your session and avoid exposing me to the same illness you have.  A sick massage therapist is an out-of-work massage therapist.  You are not only showing respect and kindness to me, but all of my other clients as well.  Rest, hydrate, and try to come for a cleansing massage just as you have gotten over your illness. 



Policies which are applied to all sessions and all clients. These will be applied at checkout and cannot be changed;

- Sessions booked at a client's request less than 24 hours in advance incur a $15 convenience fee.

- Sessions booked during a time slot made known by ttTHERAPY as a Last Minute Opening will receive a $15 discount for filling an otherwise empty space.

- If a session is scheduled outside of normal business hours (62 available hours each week) for any reason, a $20 additional charge will be added to the final price of the session.

I reserve the right to alter pricing as I feel it is necessary. Offering a discount to a client if the timing of their massage was altered slightly or if a pop-up construction project outside my door (it's happened ...) changes the peaceful experience I hope for each of my clients to have is something I am glad I have the power to do. I try to let all of my clients know how much I value your patronage.
Each situation is its own, and I make decisions according to the circumstances of that situation. Policies that are found here, in writing, are not to be challenged because of a discount given to another client. The extenuating circumstances of any situation are private between Practitioner and Client. I must ask that you abide by policies on cancellations, and late arrivals, etc.
Thank you for respecting all policies.

Whenever possible, I try to avoid any sort of refund; not because I am greedy an don't like giving money back
but because I want to try and work through any issue that may arise to reach a conclusion in which you resolve the physical problems that first brought you to see me. This may even include me transferring funds to another type of therapistwho is better suited to address your needs.
That being said, there are some policies I must have in place. If we decide that a refund will be issued, please allow 30 days and 60 day at most to receive a check.
Refunds are not issued for Massage Packages. If you purchase a package, it is understood that you have been to see me and are happy with my massage style. By taking advantage of the discounted pricing, you make a commitment to redeem all massages. Extreme situations will, of course, be discussed and a fair outcome decided upon.

Recent Policy Updates

Often Asked Questions & Policies Most Overlooked. Please Read.

*SESSIONS BOOKED ON A NATIONAL HOLIDAY (MOST COMMONLY, A MONDAY) will only be available at Regular Session Price.  No Promotional credits or ttTHERAPY Minutes may be used on these Holidays.

*All Clients are responsible for reading the Policies pertaining to a Discounted or Promotional Session. There will be no exceptions to the 3-Day Advanced Scheduling Rule.  Please understand that your request will be denied if redeeming a discounted promotional massage with less than 72 hours notice / or you may pay regular price for the session.