What’s Natural ttTHERAPY?

I Believe in Natural

My life has always included a balance of man-made & nature-made. Good things come from both categories, but nature has a longer track record. 

I Really Mean It

Confidence in natural means that my life reflects my belief. I grew up with raw milk & eggs from farms...and my whole adult life has included making  items naturally, instead of buying them. It’s very much a part of who I am.

I Share What I Learn

Much of what I make is used in my massage sessions. Clients can enjoy a massage that is significantly lower in toxins than most, and I’m proud of that fact. I believe I owe this to my clients, and myself. I always have samples on hand, for anyone interested- so don’t be afraid to ask!

Working with things like Essential Oils, and sharing my discoveries with others is My ttTHERAPY. May this page also help you find joy in your own version of Natural ttTHERAPY

One Thing

I’m Currently Obsessed With...

Magnesium is awesome, and I’ve been passionate about its awesomeness for a while. I made my first magnesium infused body butter three weeks ago... and just finished my third batch. So, I love it and want you to know how beneficial it is.

Natural ttTHERAPY Comes In Many Forms


I began making lip balm about three years ago, and quickly fell in love with the whole process. I have made completely natural lip balms using the red raspberries in my mom’s garden and have experimented with all different infusions. I will post everything “lip balm oriented” here and look forward to sharing much more! Each week, I will have some new lip balm available at my office! Keep an eye out for it here.

Magnesium Body Balm

I have been somewhat obsessed with Magnesium supplementation for a while. Many of my clients will attest to my magnesium ramblings. Those who give it a try are always happy they did. Now, I infuse this mineral into Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Body Balms for use in my sessions! 

Charcoal ttTHERAPY

 I have been using charcoal in my oral care regimen for a few years now and I love it. I am always researching / experimenting, and I love the method I have found which works well for me. I am excited to share this information, and discuss other ways of harnessing the power of this naturally powerful substance!

Clean Butt Balm / Blend

A purely natural alternative to using wet wipes when you visit the toilet! I have been working on this recipe for a few years and it sure does make my trips to the loo more pleasurable!


Check out the Massage Away Lime Event, taking place on a May 18th. Get a massage, and all of that money will go to Lyme Disease Research. 

Community ttTHERAPY

I am happy to post local business information here.  Artists welcome! Everyone Welcomed!