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Jeff Ramsey
I have become a loyal client of ttTHERAPY. Matt is both personable and very professional. He has a very intuitive touch. He always knows what pressure to apply. I always leave feeling relaxed, serene and with a clear mind that last for days after. You can't ask for a better massage experience.  In addition, Matt has a vast knowledge of nutrition, the viability and efficacy of "healthy" products and genuinely cares about his clients' well-being. I've begun to follow his advice and I already feel a positive change in my body.
You owe it to yourself to experience ttTHERAPY.

Gabriel G
Matt is both an excellent massage therapist and person. I came to him through Groupon, trying to schedule something for my wife on short notice. Even though the Groupon said that he must have 72 hours notice, he happily accommodated my wife, who has a crazy schedule. Her review of his massage was so positive that I signed up too. Three massages later, I am a very happy customer. Matt is very good at reading the body and understanding where and when you need more pressure. He has a very gentle but firm touch that really helped my body relax. He is incredibly kind and a sensitive human being... I felt like he cared about me and what was going on in my life that had caused my back and other parts of my body to tense up. I highly recommend him, and have to many of my friends in the area.

Derek K
Absolutely incredible experience every time, followed by happier soothed feeling days after. I had only started with massages over a year back once in a while elsewhere, when a friend recommended I go see Matt. From the minute you walk in and meet Matt, you understand everything he does is about your full circle health and wellness, before, during and after massage.  Full of expertise on best living, eating, and even what products to use and what to stay away from, he has made me even healthier, to the point I make recommendations to others. Then the massage...stress and pains will melt away, and even if you felt great to start, you will be a whole new smiling person afterwards. I can't ever wait for the next visit!  Add in the amazing new Locust Street studio with a visually & audibly changing experience wall by wall, every time, and you will never see anything like this elsewhere. Must do for anyone. Just be ready for a "I need a nap and might not be able to move" afterwards! The BEST.

JP McAleer
I was referred to Matt Taylor years ago by a very close friend of mine who is a personal trainer. I am an extremely active individual by night, but had a very sedentary “professional” lifestyle. In time, this was wreaking havoc on my body. I had never had issues in the past, but also never pushed my body and my muscles to the limits I was when I became fully involved in weight training and changing my body composition. I had always thought of a massage as a “feel good” and relaxing activity. I didn’t understand the world of massage therapy. The first time I went to Matt, I was hooked. I had suffered an injury weightlifting…muscles had gone into spasm and I was in so much pain. Unfortunately, sitting at a desk all day only compounded the issue, and prolonged my recovery. Matt “fixed” me. In one session, he identified the problem, along with other trouble areas in my body that could result in later issues for me. He worked miracles with his hands. I was amazed at how quickly my nagging injury went away. I knew that massage therapy was real. I immediately began referring everyone to Matt. I’ve had countless people thank me for doing so once they experience his healing hands. I see Matt on a monthly basis now. He keeps me on my feet and performing at the level I like to push my body to perform. After all, this is “therapy” and to get the most out of his services, it is important to allow him to monitor and repair my muscles regularly. I am forever grateful for having been introduced to Matt. If you want the services of one of the nicest, most knowledgeable massage therapists out there, look no further. One session with Matt and you will be hooked like me!

Elizabeth George
Let’s start with the setting: Matt’s studio is lovely! One would never guess it would be so charming.You will be so pleased when you step inside that the stress will immediately start to melt away. This is before Matt even lays his hands on you! He clearly takes pride in his business and believes that the ambiance and energy of the room plays a part in the overall experience. He touched my feet first and after that it was pure bliss. I have never had a massage therapist pay particular attention to the two areas that I adore most: feet and hips/upper glutes. For the record, I never mentioned that to Matt. He just starts with feet! What a gentle way to begin a massage. I, personally, carry most of my tension in my butt, hips and lower back. I was amazed by how relieved I felt when Matt opened up my hips and glutes. I have never felt more open nor relaxed after a massage. I felt aligned, at peace and very calm. What a gift Matt has. If you’re going to spend your money on massage, spend it on Matt Taylor. He is worth every penny and then some. I give him my highest recommendation.

Frank, 26
I was referred to Matt by a friend, and was eager to get a massage after experiencing back issues as a result of my mattress. Matt’s studio is in a great location and was clean, relaxing & had a tranquil vibe. Matt was very knowledgeable in his consultation and outlined a great plan to target the areas of my back that were bothering me. I was very impressed by his ability to identify my knots and areas of tension. He has a great technique, and his pressure is perfect.  After my first hour session, I felt great. I could have taken a nap right then and there. Matt discussed additional home therapy techniques that I could implement into my daily routine, which I have done many times. Matt is kind and professional, and I would recommend him to anyone. I am so glad I found a therapist I can stick with!

Lisa, 31
Matt was a fill-in for my regular massage therapist three years ago. I had a marathon to run, and desperately needed someone to work on my legs before the event. I randomly found Matt through a google search and was somewhat nervous – but I was also desperate for a massage and so I took a chance. I am so glad I did. Since then, I see Matt before and after any major event I participate in. His skill at pinpointing my areas of tension is nothing beyond amazing. I don’t even need to tell him were to go… he just knows. I am glad he is in my life.

Ron, 54
I am 54 years old, and had never had a massage before last year. My wife told me to get a massage because I was becoming irritable. I overheard some people discussing massage at my gym, and so I asked them who they would recommend. That’s how I found Matt. He is good at what he does. He is very good. I never imagined myself getting massages at my age. It was not something I thought could help someone like me. But, six months later, I am more flexible. I have less pain in my shoulder. My back feels much more relaxed on a daily basis. I am a convert. Thanks Matt.

Lynn, 48
I did my first half marathon a couple of years ago. It wasn’t an easy process. I had the support of many friends, but one in particular really helped me to understand the things I needed to focus on in order for my body not to fall apart. I am in my late forties. I have a few children. A half marathon definitely wasn’t something I ever saw in my future. But I was determined to do it. I took many supplements and learned how to stretch for the first time. I also discovered massage. I wasn’t ever the type of woman who went to spas and got pampered. My friend Joan taught me that taking care of my body was NOT the same as pampering. So I tried a massage with her CMT, Matt. It was a wonderful / painful / exciting experience. I felt pain in parts of my body that I never knew existed! I also learned more about my body than I thought I could ever know.  After several very wonderful sessions with Matt, I brought my teenage son to him for a massage. I didn’t want him to go throughout his whole adult life not knowing what benefits he could gain from massage therapy. Matt was so kind and sensitive with my son (who was a nervous wreck) and he taught him many things about his body. My son left the session with a glow on his face. On the ride home, he told me he may want to look into massage therapy one day. I think that is the greatest compliment Matt could have received.

Tom R
Having known Matt through theatre circles but had never booked a massage. I was able to and it was one of the best. He was very attentive to where specific area of pain were and what issues I was having with muscles. Atmosphere was relaxing and pleasant. Matt knows what he is doing and look forward to follow ups with him.

Woodrow O
I was traveling and in a new city and it’s always hit or miss when you try and find a healer in the city where you don’t know people. I chatted around and got a recommendation to see Matt for a treatment. I only had one day left in town, my back was a mess and Matt was booked solid.He could tell I was desperate, made a few calls, and then took me in late that eve. I am so grateful that he did! The massage was amazing, he hit all the trouble points and spent more time on areas that really needed it instead of just a general massage.My flight home in the morning would have been unbearable if Matt couldn’t have seen me the night before. He is genuinely a compassionate man who cares for people and follows his purpose in life. Thank you once again Matt. If I ever get back to Philly I’ll be sure to book another appointment here… with or without back pain!

Laura S
I had a GREAT experience here. I purchased a voucher for a 60-minute massage through BuyWithMe. While it was a little difficult to schedule my massage, Matt was very communicative and open. This is a one-man shop, so I completely understood when he let me know that weekends in December were completely booked – I am not the only one who forgets to use these deals! He graciously extended the time period for the voucher and I was able to come in on a Friday in January, instead. From the moment I walked in the door, Matt was incredibly friendly and professional. Given that he is working by himself, I expected the space to be small and perhaps a little utilitarian. Wrong on both counts! There is a nicely-sized entrance where I filled out a brief intake form, chatted with him about what I was there for, and was given some water. The back room is beautifully decorated – I kind of want to steal his design ideas! The massage itself was wonderful. I left feeling 100% better than when I walked in the door. I’d absolutely recommend coming here for a massage and plan to come back myself! I found him by chance, and I have to say: YAY! Amazing massage. I did not have to say where I felt work was necessary, but he figured it out quickly and resolved it. I am so happy with the service, the place and his demeanor. He is very easy going and professional.  Really, if you want to do your body something good, treat yourself to a therapy here. I loved it!

Matt H
If you need a Great massage, Matt is your man! His studio is convenient to the heart of Center City, very welcoming, and sets you in the perfect mood to release tension and stress. Matt is very patient with those hard to work out kinks, and by the end of the hour session, I found myself more relaxed muscle and mood-wise than I’d been in weeks. Thanks Matt for a great first experience, and I am looking forward to returning in the future! Would definitely recommend!

This was my first time to Matt. I was referred by a friend. OMG it was amazing!! The facilities were SUPER clean and the ambiance was so relaxing and comforting. It was like walking into a security blanket of warmth and relaxation. The best part was the ease of payment. You can pay right on his website before you schedule your session!! His customer service is impeccable and there is nothing sub par about his professionalism. It truly speaks to me when a person is a passionate about what they do and Matt is such a person. I felt amazing afterwards AND he even did a follow up with me to make sure I stretched and drank enough water so I would continue to feel awesome for the rest of the week! I liked that I was not just another $ sign but an actual person to his business. Make sure to schedule minimum 4 days in advance. This guy is booked and rightly so! I will for sure be returning.

Amy C
Best. Massage. Ever.
This was a birthday gift. I got sick right before my original appointment and Matt was very accommodating with canceling and rescheduling.  When I got the space (and out of the cold rain), it was instantly relaxing and warm… and Matt is relaxing and warm too. The whole space is beautiful and spacious. It is also set back from the street so there is NO outside noise.
Hands down (no pun intended) the best massage I have ever received. My next step is to redo my budget to make sure I can make appointments as often as possible. I had forgotten how great massages really make you feel… especially with a therapist that is so exceptionally skilled.

Pam A
Matt is a great therapist. I went in with a really tight back and he was able to work out the issues. One of the most endearing features Matt has is that he takes the time to explain what is happening to your body and works with his patients to maintain good overall body health. I appreciated the fact he took the time after our session to show me stretches and self therapy techniques to use. Matt is not a fru-fru therapist. He is there to achieve body health. This is not some serenity spa nonsense.