A tailor customizes clothing to fit your exact size, just as a ttTHERAPY session is 'Taylored' to be exactly what your body needs. No cookie cutter massages, only true Therapeutic work. Hand blended Essential Oils, a customizable setting & a one-of-a-kind Massage- just a few of the things that make a ttTHERAPY session truly unique.


Massage Therapy is Touch; Touch is a necessity for humans to live. More than a physical act, it is the impact our lives have on others. And it can be how you receive FREE Massage Therapy!  I will be launching a campaign that shares and celebrates how we TOUCH others with our positive actions and attitudes. Stay Tuned...


To get the most from a massage, Therapist and client need to work together. A client must give themselves permission to release tension. This allows the Therapist access and the ability to cause positive change in the body. I take my role very seriously, which is why there are no hidden fees or upselling. I truly want you to get the most Therapeutic benefit from your time at ttTHERAPY 

Meet Matt (cont'd)

Is it Important to know your Therapist?


This may seem like a ridiculous question to ask. However, the level of comfort a client feels during a session has a huge impact upon what, if any, benefits come from getting a massage in the first place.

This is why each session is Taylored to the individual.  No matter how amazing a Massage Therapist may be; they cannot provide a stellar experience if a client doesn't feel calm, safe, and totally at ease while on the table. 

If you are short on time, and just want to BOOK an appointment, go for it.

For those interested, click below for a brief introduction to Matt.