Designed to be Flexible & Unique- Like You

Walls that can change for each client...

Customizable sound and aromas...

A fluid minutes system enabling maximum  therapeutic benefit in every session.

These are a few ways ttTHERAPY is distinctly different, although not more expensive than most Wellness Providers.

I strive to make all aspects of the experience therapy of some kind. Just imagine how focused the massage is!

More about Matt

True/False: Knowing something embarrassing about someone makes us 20% more comfortable around them.

Matt has a vivid imagination and has been known to confuse facts with crazy ideas hatched in his mind. He posted such ideas on his website in 2017, thinking he was stating actual Psychological findings.



Moving On

No matter how amazing a Massage Therapist may be; they cannot provide a stellar experience if a client doesn't feel calm, safe, and totally at ease while on the table. 

If you are short on time, and just want to BOOK an appointment, go for it.

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